Meet your committee -Part 2

Welcome to the second part of “Meet your committee”. This time learn a little bit more about Megan Baker and Kevin Boulesteix, two of your postgraduate representatives.


Megan Baker – Postgraduate representative


megan 1

Megan in the field

Hello, I’m Megan, I am a second year PhD student studying the effect of clay type on the properties of cohesive sediment gravity flows at Bangor University, UK. My PhD has so far focussed on experimental sedimentology, producing muddy flows in the lab and measuring their velocities, run-out distances and deposit geometries. My PhD is also introducing me to some field geology as well; I have completed fieldwork studying the superb Aberystwyth Grits. In my free time I like to enjoy the beautiful scenery of North Wales by mountain walking, sailing and running.

Since when have you been a member of the BSRG?

The first BSRG meeting I attended was at Nottingham in 2014, hosted by the BGS. The year after, I plucked up the courage to give my first ever presentation at the AGM in Keele – I was so happy to be presenting on the first day!

What is your position in the committee?

I am one of the postgraduate representatives for BSRG. With the other postgrad reps I help organise workshops and fieldtrips for our postgraduate community.

megan 2

Megan demonstrating a turbidity current to visitors in the Hydro lab at the University Bangor

Why did you decide to volunteer for it?

I really enjoyed the BSRG postgraduate fieldtrip to Northumberland and decided it would be fun to help organise more exciting trips. These trips are always such a great way to meet other postgraduate students, and by helping to organise them you always get to go along!

What do you like specifically about the BSRG?

I think the best part of BSRG is how friendly it is, during meetings everyone is very approachable and I think that helps make these meetings really valuable if you are a PhD student, as you can easily talk to experienced sedimentologists. I also like the postgraduate fieldtrips, these are great opportunities to experience the geology of the UK and even further afield.

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Kevin Boulesteix- Prostgraduate representative


Kevin on the top of the Piton des Neiges, La Reunion

Hello, I’m Kévin, a PhD student from the University of Manchester working across the Strat Group and the Mudrock Research Group. I’m a 2 meters tall French which makes it easy to use me as a natural scale or Jacob’s Staff. I had a first experience in the UK in 2014 for a research internship in the Fluvial Research Group at the University of Leeds followed by a MSc at Imperial College. I began my PhD research in autumn 2016. I focus on deepwater mudrock depositional processes and sequence stratigraphy during the Middle to Late Permian icehouse to greenhouse transition. To do so, I am using cores and outcrop data from the Karoo Basin in South Africa. When I am not dealing with rocks, I like hiking in different parts of the world, watching and playing football, and enjoying food (is it surprising for a French?).

Since when have you been a member of the BSRG?

As a fresh PhD student, I discovered the society in 2016 during a BSRG field trip in Northumberland. A month after this, I participated to my first BSRG AGM in Cambridge. Such a good start as a new BSRG members!

What is your position in the committee?

I am part of the Postgraduate Representatives team. Our primary role is to be a point of contact for the postgraduate community in the UK and in Europe. We also organize different activities such as field trips and workshops. Previous workshops include ichnology, seismic interpretation and core interpretation among others. We are trying to make everyone interested!  We already have different ideas for this year. So stay tuned!


Kevin points out the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary at Zumaia, Spain

Why did you decide to volunteer for it?

I decided to be involved in the society after the BSRG Northumberland field trip. I realized how important is the BSRG to gather people from different universities and field of interests. I think that having a good network and exchanging ideas is one of the key of success as a postgraduate student and the different BSRG activities are a very good opportunity to do so.

What do you like specifically about the BSRG?

I really like the informal and friendly atmosphere in the BSRG in either the conference or the activities. We get to know each other very easily due to the relatively small number of participants and the several occasions to be together. It is also very easy to find help through the email list or the different social medias where the society is present.

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