BSRG core workshop 2017: From Core to Depositional Environment in Deep-Marine Systems (8th-10th September 2017)

The second workshop of our new postgraduate team was a core workshop on deep-marine systems with a focus on facies distribution and reservoir quality. The trip was lead by the Manchester based research group SedResQ around Ian Kane and hosted by our partners from the British Geological Survey (BGS) in the Keyworth core store. The course was very popular and we were happy to invited 24 researchers in different stages of their career from all over the UK as well as Denmark, Italy and Poland.



Recap session with Ian Kane


After an introduction into deep-marine sedimentary processes and their related deposits we started hands on with the core description. The attendees worked in small groups on classic examples from the Early Cretaceous Scapa Sandstone Member and the Late Jurassic Brae Formation to get familiar with different bed types. In the afternoon session, we focussed on the larger depositional environment of each cored section and its potential as hydrocarbon reservoir. This was well demonstrated with the correlation of petropysical data and the described cored intervals. In the evening, we all went out for a good curry and explored the pubs in Nottingham. The second day started with a short recap of the discussed depositional systems and was followed by another classic core from the Magnus field with a little exercise lobe deposits. The rest of the Sunday was reserved for open questions and discussion before everyone started on their sometimes long journey home.



Connecting reservoir quality with facies variations.


We would particularly thank our lecturer team, Dr. Ian Kane, Daniel Bell and Ross Ferguson as well as our partners from the BGS, Oliver Wakefield, Johanna Thomson and Steve Thorpe that helped us to put together a great weekend.

Hopefully see you at the next event!

Arne Fuhrmann (Postgraduate representative of the BSRG)



Discussion about the depositional environment over the core with Dan and Ross

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